Adopt Animals

As you read this there are beautiful animals waiting for you at our facility. They are not "mutts", "pound dogs", or "feral barn cats". They are friendly family pets that happen to be in between homes. They are here waiting to be loved. The ones listed below are only a few of the many we have available.


  • You must have a fenced yard to adopt a pet from our facility.
  • Cats and kittens must be inside pets only.
  • You will sign a legal binding contract prior to adopting any animal.

Additional Info:

All of our animals that are for adoption have been:
  • Spayed or neutered.
  • Been wormed and given them shots.
  • Cats are fiv tested negative.

Adoption Fees:

  • Cats are $70 to $100 depending on breed
  • Dogs are $100

"Trey" Adoption #2588 is a male 1 year old Yorkie mix. Trey is a super sweet dog and gets along with everyone including other dogs. He is cute as can be.

"Greta" Adoption #2621 is a female 130 pound Mastiff. Greta is a great dog but you must be aware of her bread. She has to be fed twice a day so she does not get a twisted gut. Greta gets 4 cups of food in the morning and again in the evening. She also gets treats throughout the day. You need an elevated food table because she is so tall. You need a good fenced back yard but Greta should be an inside dog. She does not take the heat very well. She will make a great family member.

"Little Bite" Adoption #2619 is a male 4 year old Chihuahua. Little Bite is a really good boy and he has no problems with people or other animals. He loves being held an loved on. Little Bite is a gentle little guy so no small children please. Your fenced back yard must be escape proof for a very small dog.

"Radar" Adoption #2626 is a male 3 year old Chihuahua. Radar is very sweet and loves kisses. He wants to be held but no small children please. Make sure your back yard is fenced and any small holes fixed.

"Hanna" Adoption #2597 is a female 1 1/2 year old Yellow Lab. Hanna is house broke and loves everyone including cats and dogs. She falls over to get her belly rubbed. Hanna will make a great family member.

"Sweet Pea" Adoption #2625 is a female Beagle Mix. Sweet Pea is the sweetest loving little girl and will make a great family pet. She is house broke and will sit in your lap if you let her.

"Baby Girl" Adoption #2610 is a 1 year old female Tortie. Baby Girl is a little timid but she is doing better. She enjoys attention and to be loved on. Her mother Missy also needs to be adopted. Baby Girl is a pretty kitty.

"Missy" Adoption #2611 is a 2 year old female Tortie. Missy is a sweet girl and so pretty. She likes to be loved on and given attention.

"Chuckey" Adoption #2615 is a 5 year old male Rottweiler. Chuckey was dumped way out in the county. He is a really nice boy and is good with other dogs. We are not sure how he is with small children. Chuckey is calm and gives good kisses. He is very sweet and is house broken.

"BooBoo" Adoption #2589 is a female Morkie. BooBoo is so small please older children only. She needs a fenced back yard that a small dog cannot get out of. She is house broke and is a doll. BooBoo loves to be held and loved on. She is very special.

"Pup" Adoption #2596 is a 5 year old male Chih/mix. Pup is a sweet little guy that likes to be held and loved on.

"Tanner" Adoption #2607 is a 1 year old male Boxer/Mastif mix. Tanner is a super sweet guy and so much fun. He loves toys and carries them around so you will throw them. Tanner has a favorite toy that gets to go with him. He is house broke and a great dog.

"Hector" Adoption #2502 is a 2 year old male Shepherd/Hound mix. Hector is a good boy, likes people, and gets along with other animals.

"Missy" Adoption #2566 is a 2 year old female Hound/mix. Missy is a nice girl and good with other animals. She likes people and is house broke.

"Lola" Adoption #2592 is a 1 1/2 year old female Doberman. Lola is a very nice dog. She must have a responsible pet owner and be an inside dog that is part of the family. Lola is house broke, young, and energetic. She must have a fenced back yard like we require for all of our dogs.

"Doc" Adoption #2413 is a 5 year old male Chih/Rat Terrier/Mix. Doc is house broke, very sweet, likes to give kisses. He needs a good home.

"Junior" Adoption #2591 is a 7 year old male Jack Russell/Mix. Junior is a sweet dog that was brought in by his owner. He gets along with other dogs. So many dogs are given up like this after they think they have a home and family.

"Russell" Adoption #2593 is a male Terrier Aussie/Mix. Russell is a good boy and fun to be with. He always has a happy look on his face. Russell gets along with other dogs.

"Tigger" Adoption #2594 is a 5 month old male Chih Dach/Mix. Tigger is the funniest little guy. He is very sweet and loves to play. Tigger gets along with everyone.

"Kitty" Adoption #2575 is a 5 year old female Gray/White. Kitty lived with her first owner half of her life then with another person. Now she is at PAWS because they had to move. This was stressful on her but now she has come out of her shell. Kitty needs a good forever home to make her the sweet girl she is. PAWS believes a pet is for life.

"Buddie" Adoption #2576 is a 5 year old Chihuahua. Buddie is a sweet boy that loves to be held and gives kisses. He needs a home that does not have small children. Older children would be fine.

"Domino" Adoption #2562 is a 2 1/2 year old male English Bull Dog mix. Domino is very sweet and loves attention. He is playful and would be a good family dog.

"Lil' Red" Adoption #2586 is a female Collie mix. Lil' Red is a good girl and gets along with other animals. She is very gentle, sweet and a little timid when you she first meets you. Lil' Red loves to be petted.

"Tank" Adoption #2541 is a male Terrier/Husky Mix. Tank is a good boy and very sweet. He gets along with other dogs. Tank is a laid back fella.

"Martin" Adoption #2563 is a 6 month old 25 pound male Terrier mix. Martin is playful and likes to be loved on. He is a sweet boy.

"Molly" Adoption #2557 is a 17 week old female cat. Molly is super sweet and loves affection.

"Harris" Adoption #2558 is a 7 year old male. Harris is a good dog and his owner had to go to a nursing home. His brother is Miko listed below and they both need a good loving home.

"Houdnie" Adoption #2507 is a female Yellow Lab mix. Houdnie is very sweet and smart. She is good with other animals and people. Houdnie is house broke and will make a good family pet.

Adoption #2471 is a male Orange Tabby. He is 6 months old. He loves for you to play with him. He also likes riding on your shoulder.